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Escapist Entertainment is a digital production house based out of  Vancouver, Canada. Under the guidance of Artistic Director and Owner, Cameron Fraser, Escapist Entertainment specializes in three areas of creative design; Stage Design, Graphic Design and Consulting.

  Cameron Fraser is a multidisciplinary artist with an extensive background in performing and visual arts, spanning over two decades. Cameron studied Theatre Production and Design at the University of Victoria and then at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, where he focused on Animation and Graphic Design. He has produced and contributed to award winning design work in a variety of roles for such companies as Vancouver Opera, Alberta Theatre Projects, Theatre Calgary/Arts Club, Touchstone Theatre, The Gateway Theatre, V'ni Dansi, PRP Inc, Green Thumb Theatre, Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre, The Confederation Centre for the Arts, Kentucky Opera, Boca Del Lupo, the Vancouver Art Gallery, Theatre Under the Stars, The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, CircusWest, Vancouver Talmud Torah, Pi Theatre, The Chop Theatre, Theatre Calgary/Western Canada Theatre, TheatreGarden, Vertigo Theatre/The Arts Club, Horseshoes & Handgrenades, Talk is Free Theatre, The Underground Circus, TEDXVictoria, as well as for a variety of corporate clients, including Volvo, Samsung, Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA), The Federation of Latin American Banks, Cruise Line Industry Association, The Investment Planning Counsel, Colours & Shapes, and BlendFest.


Cameron is a proud member of the Associated Designers of Canada.


Graphic Design in digital media is work that is created using an electronic device, including but not limited to, a computer, phone or tablet.


Digital Media Art is artwork created using specified software on a digital platform. At Escapist Entertainment, we are fluent in the following digital media and motion graphics creation and presentation software: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut, Premiere Pro, WIX Web Platform, Instagram and have a working understanding of Wordpress, Madmapper, and Modul8.


We have created graphic collateral for apparel, print advertising, digital marketing and social media campaigns, programs, logos, web site design, tickets and more.


We focus on three of the five main areas of stage design; Projection, Set and Lighting Design.

Projection Design is the creation and integration of still images, video and motion graphics into live performances in a variety of artistic disciplines. Projection Mapping isolates content to specific regions of physical structures to create illusions of depth and shape. At Escapist Entertainment, we are fluent in the following software used to create effective and dynamic mapped projection designs: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Final Cut, Premiere Pro, Isadora, QLab, TouchDesigner and WATCHOUT Playback control.  We have a working knowledge of Unreal Engine, Madmapper, Modul8, Millumin, and Blender.

Set Design consists of all the scenery, furniture and props the audience sees at the production of live performance. The set designer's job is to design these physical surroundings in which the action will take place. Set props like furniture, draperies, circus equipment and decorations are the types of things that complete the set and are integral to a good stage design. 
Fluent in SketchUp and have a working understanding of Blender and Vectorworks

Lighting Design is responsible for creating the lighting, atmosphere, and time frame for a production in response to the content of the performance, while keeping in mind issues of visibility, safety, and cost. The Lighting Designer also works closely with the stage manager or show control programming, if show control systems are used in that production. Outside stage lighting, the job of a Lighting Designer can be much more diverse and they can be found working on rock and pop tours, corporate launches, art installation and on massive celebration spectaculars.


We offer a variety of consulting services to those in the worlds of theatre and graphic design. 

Want to include projections in your show but not sure where to start, and don't have the budget to hire a designer? We can walk you through the basics of getting content on the stage. 

Have an idea for a great film and need help getting from that spark to a final product? Let us help develop your next great masterpiece from storyboard to final edit.

Tech week and your show system is having a meltdown? Call us and we'll have you back up and running in time for opening!

Whatever your project, with over 20 years experience in the arts and entertainment industries, Escapist Entertainment is 

well suited to help your next project move forward. 

Girl in a Wetsuit Masks Up
Dream Factory Circus
Stop the World I Want to get Off!
Green Thumb Theatre - Land of Trash
Still/Falling opening projection
Flowers on the Town
Farewell My Lovely
Golden Eye
Z-Day The Zombie Musical
Stop the World I Want to Get Off!
Kaleidoscope Circus
The Gentlemen's Dance
The Hidden Valley
Dream Factory Circus
Kaleidoscope Circus
A Circus in Wonderland
Generation Post Script
Oswald Digital|Spirit
Stop the World I Want to Get Off!
Night Circus: Atlantis
Dream Factory Circus Poster
A Circus in Wonderland
A Circus in Wonderland
Fireflight Poster
Andrea T-shirt
Neverland Poster
Fireflight Poster
in.Fusion Poster
Julius Digital|Spirit Series
James and the Giant Circus Peach
Leonidas Digital|Spirit
Generation Post Script
Green Thumb Theatre - Land of Trash-6
Farewell My Lovely
Generation Post Script
The Gentlemen's Steps
Night Circus: Atlantis
Treeplanter T-Shirt
Illusive Teaser for CircusWest
Fractal Flower
Dream Factory Circus
Stop the World I Want to Get Off!
Barnaby Digital|Spirit
Generation Post Script
Farewell, My Lovely Still
Stop the World Still
Circus of Oz Handstands
Green Thumb Theatre - Land of Trash
Green Thumb Theatre - Land of Trash
Infinity and Beyond
Night Circus: Atlantis


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